Electronic Control Unit mit KerosinstartNew!
With immediate effect, all turboshaft engines come factory equipped with the additional Kerosene Starting Hardware Package. This equipment consists of  the PRO ECU, 12V torch igniter, additional fuel start solenoid and a 3S 2000mAh Konion battery. 

The new PRO ECU is a professional Electronic Control Unit featuring fully automatic Kerosene starting, outstanding stable rpm and load control. 



Jakadofsky ECU Konverter


The VSpeak ECU Converter provides the data of the Jakadofsky ECU on the telemetry system of your remote control system. All relevant data of the Jakadofsky turbine are provided and displayed on the R/C transmitter like EGT, RPM, Battery Voltage, Fuel Pump Voltage and Turbine Status. The system is available in two versions, one version for the R/C systems Jeti Duplex EX, Graupner HoTT, Multiplex MLink and Futaba S.BUS2 and another special version for Spektrum X-Bus-Telemetry. In the systems Jeti Duplex and Graupner HoTT the VSpeak ECU converter replaces the Jakadofsky EDT (Terminal) completely, that means not only the indicators of the EDT are displayed on the transmitter - also all entries can be made conveniently via the transmitter. To avoid unwanted electrical effects between the ECU and RC-system the VSpeak ECU Converter is galvanically isolated. For further information and demo video links please proceed to the VSpeak website.

PRO 5000 Wellenleistungsturbine"PRO 6000" Turboshaft Engine

PRO 6000 is our new high performance engine developed for large and heavy helicopters from 2 to 3 m rotor diameter.
The healthy and dependable Jakadofsky product line is topped by this even more powerful turboshaft engine. Besides new internal modifications, comes the PRO 6000 engine standard equipped with our 5-axis HSC milled Nimonic turbine wheel and the increased rated rpm of 100.000 rpm are resulting in 6 kW rated power output. Low residual thrust and a very decent fuel consumption of just 185 ml/min are convincing. Dont get fooled by ads from some of our competitors claiming fictive higher power ratings and low fuel consumtions, that are never reached in reality. As serious engine manufacturer serving the aviation industry for more than a decade, we guarantee that the power and proven single turboshaft reliabilty of this engine will convince you, day in, day out. The Jakadofsky GmbH is setting the unmatched standard here.

Nimonic Turbinenrad
Advantages of the installed milled 5-axis HSC Nimonic turbine wheel over the cast wheels are:
Even more power, running smoothness and reliability!

For further information click RC-Turboshaft.

JetVolt¬ģ ultracompact - the new GPU
World's highest specific output!
Equipped with air intake silencer and high current
batteries (add on exhaust muffler optional)
Output Power: 24/28V, 350/650Amps (cont/peak)
Total Unit Weight: 20kg (44lbs) - with optional muffler 25 kg (55lbs)
Small - Lightweight - Powerful!

(230/400V 50Hz coming up soon)


JetVolt¬ģ Turbogenerator Core for APU/GPU
A Revolution in Mobile Power Supply!
24/28 Volt, 350 Amps continuous
Automatic ECU START/STOP system
Fuel: Petroleum, Kerosene(Jet A)
Consumption: appr. 10 litres (2,5 gal) per hour
Weight: 10kg(22 lbs)

For further information click JetVolt¬ģ-Turbogenerator







Der perfekte Antrieb f√ľr das STARWOOD LAMA!

Jakadofsky Jet Engines rundet das Lieferprogramm¬† mit der Einf√ľhrung der neuen Wellenleistungsturbine ‚ÄěSTARWOOD" an der Basis ab. Bei diesem Triebwerk stehen Scale Modellflug, √Ėkonomie, geringer Verbrauch und Zuverl√§ssigkeit im Vordergrund. Wie der Name schon sagt, wurde dieses Triebwerk besonders f√ľr die neue ‚ÄěSTARWOOD LAMA" mit einem Rotordurchmesser von 2300mm, welche als attraktiver ARF-Kit weltweit angeboten wird, abgestimmt und ausgelegt. Das Triebwerk liefert satte 4,2kW bei sehr geringem Kraftstoffverbrauch und ist mit optionalem Kerosinstart erh√§ltlich.¬†
Der g√ľnstige Preis von ‚ā¨ 3999.- (inkl MWSt) bietet jedem passioniertem Helikopterpiloten einen guten Einstieg in die faszinierende Turbinenwelt.
Weitere Informationenfinden Sie unter  Modellflug-Triebwerke 


PRO X Turboshaft Engine "PRO XI" and "PRO X" Turboshaft Engine
The revolution in power and fuel efficiency.
Our intense and innovative research and development resulted in an engine providing 11kW (15 HP) respective 10kW (14 HP). Substantial less fuel per kW clearly defines our company`s leadership in design and manufacturing.
We integrated a brushless starter/generator around the output shaft, being capable to provide 12-15 V / up to 10 Amps at rated rpm.
This turboshaft engine features fully automatic start on Jet A Kerosene, controlled by the new PRO ECU, precisely governing the rated rpm regardless of any load changes.
This engine is available in two versions, as rugged high TBO industrial engine PRO XI with 11kW and as more reasonable Hobby PRO X R/C engine with 10kW and comfortable 50 H TBO (time between overhauls).

For further information click UAV-Turboshaft respectively RC-Turboshaft.


Turboprop unit TP 24The Turboprop Unit TP 24 is being delivered with the PRO EDITION turboshaft engine and a variable pitch CFK propeller of 24 inches diameter.
One servo adjusts pitch from -4 to +13 inches at constant prop rpm.
A serious "constant speed drive" without any delay. Pitch and thrust changes are performed as fast as the servo is!
The turboprop units feature outstanding workmanship made of high strength aluminum. Mounting brackets are included and allow quick and easy installation into your favourite plane.
Comes with variable pitch prop and spinner (either 100 or 115 mm dia).

Turboprop unit TP 24 is out of production

Specs (in combination with Pro Edition)


TP 24

Prop dia:

24 inches

Prop rpm:

6.500 rpm

Thrust max:

180 N

Rec Model:

up to 120 inches / 40 lbs max

Please contact us for further information.