JetVolt® Turbogenerator APU/GPU

A Revolution in Mobile Power Supply!
24/28 Volt, 300 Amps continuous
Automatic ECU START/STOP system
Fuel: Diesel, Petroleum, Kerosene (Jet A)
Consumption: appr. 10 litres (2,5 gal) per hour
Weight: 10kg (22 lbs)

January 2012: Extensive Tests Runs at the
Hintertux Glacier, stringent conditions of
3260m (11.000ft) elevation and -20°C (-4 F)
Power Unit loaded with Resistor Cascades
Reliability,  Power Output and Load Regulation
are most impressive!

During the Tests the first generation JetVolt®
Ground Power Unit was equipped with muffler,
filtered air intake and high current batteries.
Output Power: 24/28V, 300/600Amps (cont/peak)
Total Unit Weight: 30kg (66lbs).

JetVolt®– ultracompact the new GPU
World’s highest specific output!
Equipped with air intake silencer and high current batteries (add on exhaust muffler optional)
Output Power: 24/28V, 350/650Amps (cont/peak)
Total Unit Weight: 20kg (44lbs) – with optional muffler 25 kg (55lbs)
Small – Lightweight – Powerful!

JetVolt® 230/400V 8kVA – the new GenSet
World’s highest specific output!
Equipped with air intake silencer
Optional add on exhaust muffler
Propulsion: Turboshaft Engine PRO X
Voltage: 230/400V AC 50Hz
Output Power: 8kVA
Weight: 25kg (55lbs) – with muffler 30kg (66lbs)
Small – Lightweight – Powerful!

JetVolt® Video